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2011-07-23 04:15 pm


[there is a very large crop circle in the cornfields that has been decorated with balloons, flower-covered arches and an abundance of really weird alchemized furniture, including a fountain that may make you uncomfortable]

[two young trolls are also present]

((MOIRAIL WEDDING POST FOR EQUIUS AND NEPETA! Everyone is welcome to the cutest/strongest event of the season!))
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2011-01-25 09:09 am

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Since the hiatus thing is going around, I might as well join up with Jet and Nepeta! My schedule's pretty much 9-7 busy (except on days when it's 9-9) and my only free days are on the weekend. WILL I BE A WEEKEND WARRIOR? We shall see!
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2010-12-19 05:34 pm


Age: 6 solar cycles (about 13 years old)
Height: Average 13-year-old height
Weight: Average 13-year-old weight
Eyes: Black irises and pupils on a yellow sclera
Hair: Black
Date and Place of Birth: ?, on Alternia
Blood Type Colour: Green

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2010-12-19 05:21 pm


My app! )

And the voting post.