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Character: Nepeta Leijon, aka arsenicCatnip
Series: Homestuck
Character Age: 6 solar cycles, or 13 years of age
Your name is NEPETA LEIJON and your troll tag is arsenicCatnip. You are from the canon HOMESTUCK, an MS PAINT ADVENTURE starring FOUR HUMAN KIDS whose computer game adventure is now REAL and involves time-travelling, aliens, and references to bad 80s movies. You in particular are from an arc known as HIVEBENT, detailing the adventures of TWELVE TROLL KIDS. Troll children use an instant message program called TROLLIAN to troll each other both online and where ever the hell else you might be, like another time.

You live in a cave with your purrfectly adorable TWO-MOUTHED CAT, whose face you imitate in your speech (or sp33ch) by starting every line with :33 <. You are roughly 13 human years of age and you're such a sweet, friendly troll! Sometimes you get irritated with STUBBORN CRANKYPANTS KILLJOYS and then you have to GIVE THEM SOME SASS, but you still love them and do what they say. You also really really love animals. You love them so much that you often hunt them for food, using your HOMEMADE SHARP CLAWS. You sometimes make their hides into FURSUITS HOMEMADE CAT EARS AND TAILS so you can pretend you are a GREAT BIG KITTY CAT RAAAAR! You also use the blood of your kills to draw WALL COMICS as well as to complete your SHIPPING WALL, which is exactly as it sounds. When not hunting unsuspecting animals, you enjoy ANIMAL-THEMED ROLEPLAYING on the INTERNET, with all the actions in between ASTERISKS. When typing, you replace double-e words with 33s and replace parts of words with appropriate cat-related ones, because that's SOCUTE!

Sample Post:
arsenicCatnip [AC] began trolling theDirector [TD]

AC: :33 < *ac pads in fresh from the hunt and with food enough fur two*
AC: :33 < *she places the gorilla on the ground and proc33ds to tear it apart*
AC: :33 < *because she has met a new friend today and will celebrate by sharing!*
AC: :33 < do you want some?
AC: :33 < i mean
AC: :33 < *would you like some of this delicious gorilla meat? ac pawses and looks questioningly at td*
AC: :33 < *yes td replies as she shakes her glorious mane*
AC: :33 < *yes and thank you ac fur providing this bountiful meal*
AC: :33 < *i think we should be great furrrrrriends*
AC: :33 < *ac purrs happily and starts to take apart the gorilla*
AC: :33 < *of course she sets the fur aside! it is beautiful and will make a good pelt fur her cubs back home*
AC: :33 < you can
AC: :33 < i mean *you can play too you know! ac tells her newfound friend*
AC: :33 < *furrrrriend*
AC: :33 < *ac rolls on her back playfurry near td*
AC: :33 < *and hintingly*
AC: :33 < hint hint!
AC: :33 < come on, i know youre online
AC: :<< < purr33ase
AC: :33 < okay fine
AC: :33 < i will just go outside on my own then!
AC: :33 < itll be much more fun than sitting here and being ignored!
AC: :33 < even though i know you totally like games
AC: :33 < dont even try and purrtend, i know your type
AC: :33 < youre always all "oh im too good for fun" but in reality you like games the best of anyone! especially with other people
AC: :33 < and romance! i know you love romance, i bet you probably have your own shipping wall
AC: :33 < i bet you draw big red hearts around all your furrravorite couples
AC: :33 < we could compare walls
AC: :33 < if youd just reply back to me!
AC: :33 < instead of being all snobby and aloof!
AC: XOO < come on td!!!!!!
AC: :33 < well FINE
AC: :33 < ill just go outside with all the cute little tr33rats
AC: :33 < s33 if i care X((

arsenicCatnip [AC]
ceased trolling theDirector [TD]

And the voting post.


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